​​Why Fish Bamboo?

Unlike its distant, mass produced city cousin...
Bamboo is just more fun to cast. You feel it in your soul.

Whether or not you have fly fished for a long time or you have just started out, you owe it to yourself to own a fine bamboo fly rod. There is a feeling while casting one that can simply not be described. Over the years I have encouraged many fly fishers, who have never fished with a bamboo fly rod, to do so. The comments from these folks have been overwhelmingly positive. In addition to being extremely pleased with the performance of my rods, they are proud to be seen fishing with such a beautiful instrument. Many of them, including John Ellsworth pictured below, now choose their bamboo rod as the rod they want  to use when going out on their favorite water.


A cane rod has a slower casting stroke and forgives minor casting errors                                     

A bamboo rod stops energy after the fly extends over the water
and drops the fly on target like a thistle seed.                                           

A more flexible tip protects the tippet and results in landing
more and larger fish

Why Bamboo?  .... Check out the comments from this satisfied customer

Dear Scott,
I got my 7 ft 4 wt rod in the mail today. I took it out of the packaging and was immediately impressed with the fit and finish of the rod. It's a thing of beauty. You really downplayed how gorgeous this little baby is.
I was excited to get home with it so I could strap on a reel with 5 wt forward line as you instructed. You told me that this was a little casting devil. I said "sure" to myself. All 7 foot rods are little casting devils.
Well, I never imagined that a 7 foot bamboo fly rod could sling a 5 wt. line with such authority. I hate to admit this but that little rod can definitely stay with or outcast any Rod in my arsenal including my Orvis Zero G 9 foot 5 weight. I just couldn't believe the ease at which that Rod loaded and threw line.
I found that even from the first cast I didn't need to look behind me to watch the line unfurl. I could feel the Rod load up and I just moved the Rod to the forward stop position and watched the line roll out in front of me with the best looking loops I've ever thrown. All I could say was "Damm" ,"Wow", "Holy Trout Turds" This can't be real.......
Well, I guess you can say that I like the Rod, Scott....!!
As I was going back into the house after casting for  20 minutes I was thinking to myself, "the other rods in my closet are going to be seeing more closet time that they will like because I will be fishing  "Little Scottie" as I have affectionately named him already.
As soon as I can save up some more money I will have you build a 8 foot that I can use a 6 weight line for those windy days.
Scott, your website doesn't do your work justice. Pictures don't convey the handiwork that goes into a Nilsson Fly Rod. I am proud to own one of your Rods and I guess you will have to suffer with me as a customer for the rest of our natural lives.
Thank you for the wonderful rod at such a ridiculous price. Maybe others are getting more money for their rods but I assure you they aren't buying better fly rods. You may be the very best value in our cottage industry of bamboo craftsman. A secret to a few of us but as things go....not for long...... as it should be.
Good health to you, my friend.....thank you so much for such a lovely piece that I will enjoy and then pass on to my heirs. That's the way it should be and that's the way I know you want it to be.......
Let me know when you think you have the right taper for that 6 weight. We have some talkin to do.
Let's fish the Dolores this coming summer together. I also would like to come to Idaho to fish and to see you and your son. I had a nice conversation with him today. Sounds like a great boy!
Well, Scott man...use any part of this note to you for a testimonial and feel free to give me out as a reference. The experience of doing business with you has been like the sweet dream of a 16 year old....
Take care pal,