High Desert Bamboo Fly Rods   Testimonials

What a beautiful rod. I loaded it with true silk line (Phoenix) and had a wonderful evening on the river. I appreciate your suggestions about the back cast. Amazing flex in the tip! The ferrules fit perfectly and the reel seat rings are suited for the Hardy reel just fine. I love the rod. Thank you!
Chris Bowring
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I had to tell you that I took my bamboo rod to Chile for a two week fly fishing trip in Patagonia with a friend and it performed handsomely, was fun to catch and play fish with, handled the Chilean Pampa wind with ease and was able to play big browns with no problems.  I love it.  Thanks for your craftsmanship.  It has now replaced my Sage XP as my now rod of choice.


 Hi Scott,
Just want to say thank you for the Bamboo Fly Rod, it looks great.  I'll be on the stream tomorrow morning testing it out.  I've been looking for two years to have someone build me a bamboo fly rod.  I'm glad I came to you.
Thank You Very Much  
Michael L. Davis, Reading, PA
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Hi Scott,
This is truly the best Fly Rod that I ever fished with.  It shoots the fly line out like a laser, and I never had so much fun playing the fish.  I caught a bunch of native browns today, and I can honestly say that this is the best action fly rod that I have ever used.   I was able to feel everything when I was nymphing or dry fishing.  It was a great time today.
Thank You,

Scott, I've been fishing the hand crafted bamboo fly rod you built me since it arrived last April. It shoots a line accurately, and it handles everything from small bluegills to good sized bass. I am thoroughly enjoying my time on the water with this work of art. Nice work! You are a true craftsman."

Joe Barbara, Willis TX
I am late writing this to you. Since taking your bamboo fly rod making class this winter I have been thinking and planning how to continue with the lessons that you provided.
First and foremost, the bamboo fly rod class was great! I learned a tremendous amount by having the hands on work combined with your experience that you shared so clearly.
With the foundation from the class and some further guidance from you I have gone on to build a spare tip for my bamboo rod that I own ( that you had built ) and I have a 2nd fly rod started.
Again, thank you very much for sharing so much information and putting up with my continued questions about making bamboo fly rods. Anyone who has questions about bamboo fly rods I point in your direction and suggest they take your class.

Rollie Shields
This year Scott made me a 7'6'' 5wt.It is not only beautiful but a joy to fish.I have always loved fly fishing but now casting and playing a fish are even more special.I am proud of my Tonkin Cane rod and just wish I had done this sooner.
The photos of the construction were also nice,and I have a book on my fly rod,start to finish.
Thanks again Scott
Mike McRobbie
Hi Scott,

I am not waiting any more.  The rod arrived safely yesterday. The rod is a remarkable work of art, and your ability to work the cane is superb.

Thanks again for the great job making my rod.

Jack ...Alameda,CA
My Favorite rod:
 Scott,  Two years have passed and I believe that is sufficient time to comment  on the rod you built for me.   I simply wish to state that I use my 8' above all other rods I own.
 The rod finish has held up extremely well given that I have used it as a brushwacking tool on many occasion fishing small New England Brookie streams. The action of the rod is not surpassed by any of the other rods I own in terms of overall casting performance, ability to handle larger fish, and highly sensitive feel. My only complaint is that Mike Clark’s six and one half foot Payne along with my Baginski, Orvis, Leonard, Gary Lacey, and others do not get used much since I received your High Desert. It is this first rod I look for as I head out each day and I will spend the necessary time to find it as opposed to selecting another should it be difficult to find. I proudly show your rod to all who express interest and highly recommend your rod building services.  Thanks so much for my favorite and most used rod.  

John Palumbo
Rec'd the rod this afternoon.  As luck would have it, I got it just as we started a staff meeting so it was unboxed in front of the entire group.  They were very impressed ( you need to understand that most of these folks aren't fisherman and were a little skeptical about  a fishing rod that I wanted to pay $900 for) with the quality of the workmanship and artistic beauty of the rod.  I was impressed with that as well, but I also loved the balance and feel!  I am sure Paul will be very happy!!!

Thank you very much