My larger rods, i.e. steel head, have screw lock seats with fighting butt.

Many customers choose my modified cigar gripbelow

Flaming color can be light,medium or dark. (Medium or cognac below)

I would be proud to make a bamboo fly rod for you. You will find that doing business with me is a straight forward experience with an emphasis
on cooperation  as well as a spirit of honest interchange to make sure you get what you want in choosing a beautiful and functional bamboo fly rod.

                                                 Pricing on my bamboo fly rods

Trout rod Price ranges are from $1000.00 (rods with one tip) to $1200.00 (rods with two matched tips) with the exception of negotiated cosmetic extras, 3 piece rods and the larger rods with a fighting butt.

A beautiful Landmark case with solid brass end caps can be provided at a nominal cost. Hand sewn rod sock provided.

Isn't it time to begin a new stage in your angling life? I would enjoy discussing and demonstrating bamboo fly rods with you. I assure you that you will not want to put the rod down once you start casting it.



Another stripped rod

A striped rod. Dark bands on blonde rod

Typical screw lock seat for larger rods with fighting butt.

Example of my custom mushroom seat below and below that.

Steel Head bamboo fly rods

3 piece travel rods (below & right)

    High Desert Bamboo Fly Rods. 

Cork grips to match your hand size.

(full wells below)

I hand turn either cap & band or my custom up locking seat. Hardware can be blued or bright. Cap & band below and middle

A blonde bamboo fly rod which is honey colored

Elegance Through Simplicity

Many of the attributes of split bamboo fly rods are subjective and subtle. Many folks who have only fished with carbon fiber rods base their attitudes of bamboo rods on experiences with an old rod which a relative owned. An example of such a rod would be a South Bend or like manufacture. Another example would be a custom rod made by someone who had a taper which resulted in a casting experience which did not suit it’s user. A 7 ft. 5 wt. made by one maker can act very differently than one of the same length and weight made by someone else.

More objective pleasures, at least for me, are the aesthetics of the bamboo rod vs. carbon fiber. You can Google Wabi Sabi. This refers to beauty perceived due to slight imperfections and then beauty created after the object acquires a patina of use. Another objective fact is that it gives great pleasure to fish with something that you have created. This is why I offer rod making classes.

Once I developed a taper that pleased me, I noticed much more feeling when the rod loaded. I also found that playing fish was more fun due to the fact that the tip section had more flexibility over it’s length. I experienced losing less fish during the fight.

In conclusion then, one must appreciate things made by hand. One must be a person who notices and appreciates subtle differences and one must realize that bamboo fly rods can have a wide variety of casting actions. I consider my rods as having a faster action than most bamboo rods. They have a butt section that provides a lot of power (very minimal oscillation) to a flexible tip. I have converted many skeptics to appreciate the pleasure of a fine bamboo fly rod.

My bamboo fly rods for sale
I use the finest Tonkin cane from The Bamboo Broker  and   The Charles Demarest Company. I hand plane all rods. I use the finest nickel silver fittings available and naturally, silk wraps. I can work with you on the cosmetics such as blond, flamed, or an appealing blend of blond and flaming. Colors of your wraps, reel seat configuration and hardwood used, will be discussed.
Unlike many builders, my delivery time on a custom rod is relatively short. I stop taking orders when the waiting time for a rod is ludicrous, i.e. 2 to 5 years. My price range is very reasonable since I don't create museum pieces with engraving, etc., which usually translates into the customer being fearful about fishing the rod. I don't want that, nor should you. I don't want to bring along a velvet cushion to place on the ground while I string up my rod. After all, this is all about fun, not fear!

Trout rod Price ranges are from $1000.00 (rods with one tip) to $1200.00 (rods with two matched tips) with the exception of negotiated cosmetic extras, 3 piece rods and the larger rods with a fighting butt

Products :   A variety of rod sizes, hardware, cork grips, wrap colors and bamboo color can be provided

Here are some examples