The founders

The Fruits of labor are paying off. Some finishing touches, another tip section to complete, and another proud moment will be mine when I ship this rod.

Heat treating the old fashioned way to drive out the native oils
and strengthen the bamboo strips

The planing form allows the desired taper to be achieved

There are no short cuts in a quality, hand crafted, bamboo fly rod

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Tolerances are checked hundreds of times

All rods are planed from the finest Tonkin cane

Fishing bamboo adds a new dimension to the fishing experience.

We want to, and can, match our rods to your fishing personality.

We believe that the Tonkin cane experience goes far beyond catching fish.
It nurtures a strong, intimate bond with nature while out on the water.

Bamboo attracts a different sort of sportsman. One who makes time to listen to
old men's stories of bigger fish and better seasons. In the bones, such a fisherman
feels the tug of nostalgia and tradition.

High Desert customers choose wood over plastic, granite over formica and cotton
over polyester every time. They admire craftsmanship and view bamboo as the
nobelest material of the angler's fishing instruments.
I am nostalgic and old school.....How about you?