Bamboo Fly Rods From The Palouse

Providing beautiful, affordable bamboo fly rods. I also offer private classes on bamboo fly rod building. I am among one of the finest  bamboo fly rod makers.

                                  Fishing tools, not museum pieces

                                                             How to Purchase a Bamboo Fly Rod

 Keep in mind that one maker's rod of any given length or weight will differ considerably from that of another maker's rod. I happen to like faster action rods with plenty of power, but I can suit the rod's action to meet your needs.
    I would encourage you to contact me to discuss your bamboo fly rod.   Why wait a year or two to receive the rod you really want. I offer an excellent bamboo fly rod at a great price with a relatively short lead time.

A bamboo fly rod that I donated to the Henry's fork Foundation.

Evolution of a bamboo fly rod

Why Fish Bamboo?       

My customers say it all

I just realized I had not given you any feedback on my new bamboo fly rod,  I LOVE IT!!!  It has been my rod of choice on the San Juan throwing dry flies and it has performed effortlessly. I was in a fishing tournament last weekend as a fund raiser for the Wounded Warrior Project and our guide was using my bamboo with dry fly since we had both nymph and dry fly rigs. He said it was the best feeling bamboo he had ever cast with, that made me feel really good to hear him sing its praises also.
Thank you so much for the rod, it has been an absolute dream to fish with.

I hope you are busy giving other anglers the pleasure of enjoying one of your custom bamboos, they are missing a delight if not!!!
Thanks again,

Terry Weaver

Choosing a Bamboo Fly Rod... A few words about My pricing...
My prices range from $1,000.00 to $1,200.00 for most trout rods. Special cosmetic requests and three piece rods can add a modest amount to the cost. Steelhead and other large fish rods start at $1,100.00

The cost of a truly fine bamboo fly rod most often puts people off. It is not until a prospective customer really has a grasp for what is involved making a fine rod until he can recognize why the rods are so expensive. My students pick up on this every time they build a rod with me. I put a minimum of 60 hours into one rod, so you can see that my hourly wage is quite low when you subtract the material cost of approximately $150.00.

When looking at the sites of many builders you will find price ranges from about $500.00 up to $3500.00. The low end rods are either Chinese or made by makers who really don’t put out that great of a product. The high end rods are usually priced that way because of the fame of the builder. The waiting time for these rods is usually a year or more. I would stack my rods up to any maker charging up to $2000.00 and I have a relatively quick delivery time which is usually three weeks. My prices range from $1,000.00 to $1,200.00 for most trout rods. Special cosmetic requests and three piece rods can add a modest amount to the cost. Steelhead and other large fish rods start at $1,100.00

  A fine bamboo fly rod next to the material from which it is made

Also Offering Private Bamboo Rod Making Classes

My new friend David Bucko. He loves the 2 bamboo fly rods I made for him

I make a variety of trout rods, and also fly rods for larger fish. My tapers are extremely popular with my customers. My specialty, though, Is to make any rod that you may feel suit you better than my standard bamboo fly rods. An example would be a customer in NJ., David Bucko, who wanted a small rod for small streams. I made him a 6'6" 3 wt. He was extremely pleased. Another customer in CT wanted a 5'6"2 wt.  I liked both rods so much that I immediately made those rods for myself.

The High Desert Bamboo Fly Rod should look great, but more importantly, it should be a pleasure to cast

Another response from A customer

My new book "Crafting A Bamboo Fly Rod" is out.A comprehensive guide on making a bamboo fly rod. Buy a copy.

     Scott Nilsson

 Bamboo fly rod maker

I pride myself in customer satisfaction, which includes prompt responses to your questions and great advice and communication.

When you place an order, you will receive photos of most of the steps that your rod is going through. My customers enjoy this and that way they are never guessing about completion dates that are promised.

By Scott Nilsson

A few small trout bamboo fly rods below and right

Aloha Scott,

Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for a great time!  High Desert Cane Rods produces not only quality bamboo fly rods, but also offers personalized classes in the art of bamboo rod building.  

You welcomed a complete stranger into your home and instructed him in the art of bamboo rod building.  The step-by-step approach simplified an otherwise difficult process resulting in a personalized rod that will last a lifetime, I only wish I had did taken this class earlier.

I would recommend anyone contemplating a bamboo rod take your personalized class.  Not only do you take the student through a bewildering process step-by-step but eliminate a lot of trial and error associated with the OJT method.  As a novice rod builder you also gain an appreciation of the time and effort taken to construct a fly rod.

At times the rod builder is dealing with thousands of an inch and any slip up can cause problems, but you provide adequate practice, always knowing when a student can perform a task successfully while ensuring the novice doesn't fall flat on his face.  As me how I know.

I found the after hours "fire-side" chats helpful in not only understanding the art of bamboo rod making but a glimpse into the rod maker himself.  The time you took to teach a novice the art of fly tying, casting a rod and many other aspects of fly fishing helped me immeasurably.

You are truly a craftsman and I thank you for sharing your love for this time honored art.


Chief Ed

High Desert Bamboo Fly Rods

Scott Nilsson is a true bamboo craftsman, a warm knowledgeable tutor, a lifelong mentor and always a friend.
I enjoyed the bamboo fly rod learning and building experience with Scott and was never left wanting for more instruction in the many diverse skills he teaches. At the end of the class you will have the learning tools you need to continue refining the bamboo fly rod construction craft.
Practicing the skills he teaches you will bring you to the master craftsmanship level making split cane fly rods that Scott has attained, and maybe beyond.
If you are attentive and want to learn this time honored skill, you, too, will 'become one with the boo...'.
Don Smith  Missoula, MT

My bamboo fly rods ready to drift the Madison